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Yesterday I upgraded my canonical sponsored laptop to latest feisty and took another look at the cryptsetup package. It was still suffering from, but I see that Swen Thümmler prepared a patch for this:

I considered trying that patch, but I noticed that the cryptsetup package in ubuntu is out-of-date anyway, so I merged the debian cryptsetup package. The changes didn't that big, but some patches, I think from slomo don't apply anymore, so I dropped them. The other change applied cleanly. I built the package and tried it: Still works, as good as before with edgy, so no regression :)

Then I applied Swens patch. Nothing changed. Then I examined the patch more closely: it is only run during initramfs, and only for the root filesystem. I hoped that cryptsetup would mount all filesystems in /etc/crypttab in initramfs, but this is not the case. It relys on /etc/init.d/cryptdisks and /etc/init.d/cryptdists.early. So I took another look at cryptsetup.functions, and “ported” it here. Now usplash asks me for my password - bug fixed! :)

Well, fixed in some ways. The patch has one glitch: You only get asked for the password exactly once! The patch obviously needs improvement, but it was already late, and I decided that the package was already an improvement to the previous state. So I uploaded it to ubuntu:

While doing this, I did some triaging on The package didn't seem to me to be in such a bad state, but the bug page definitely needs some love. I tried to triage most bugs, but I really think cryptsetup needs more attention.

So, fellow MOTUs, who is using cryptsetup as well and willing to care for it? Let's start with helping and hopefully closing the remaining bugs and prepare a request for inclusion in main so that it gets integrated proper in the rest of the ubuntu system?



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